• Lifestyle
  • How to Wash Your Sportswear Correctly

    how to wash sportswear

    It might sound a little superficial but – besides the right playlist – new and pretty sportswear motivates me hugely to go to the gym. When your clothes hug you in all the right places, your leggings make your legs and butt appear to be super firm, and you already get that athletic look it’s ten times easier to […]

  • Drinks
  • Iced Tea Recipe

    Iced tea Recipe

    There are tons of iced tea recipes for summertime out there and I’m not saying they’re no good but what most of them have in common is the humungous amount of sugar in them. If you’ve already gone through my blog, you know I’m sharing tips and tricks on how to get fitter and healthier (if […]

  • Food
  • Veggie Curry with Coconut Milk

    veggie curry

    One thing I realized while working on my thesis was how boring my diet gets during stressful days. Even though delicious meals don’t have to be very time consuming to make! To make sure you don’t lose sight of your goal (be it to lose weight or just to be healthier) while you’re running around […]

  • Fitness
  • Workout Playlist: Cardio

    Workout Playlist Cardio

    Every successful cardio session needs a great workout playlist – that’s my experience at least. And that’s the reason I’m always on the hunt for inspiring songs that get me to run a little faster every time. If you’re just like me, then this article is for you! I usually prefer lifting over running but to […]